You have finally written the words ‘the end’ on your very first novel, researched everything you need to know about self publishing and finally hit that publish button to make your book go live.

However, what many self-published authors don’t realize is that the process of getting their book out there to the public is just beginning. There is much more to self publishing than simply writing a great novel and getting it published on Amazon and other book sites. You have to market and promote that book to ensure it reaches your targeted audience. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the best ways to promote your newly self-published book.

Reduced Price Offer
Before your book goes live, it’s always a good idea to offer it at a reduced price so that readers will read it and review. Once the book goes live, go ahead and put it back to regular price. However, after about a month, the book sales are going to start slowing down. Do what is known of as a KDP countdown and offer your book for a reduced price once again. This will help you to raise your sales once again.

Get To Know The Author
Many authors hire a PA, personal assistant to help with marketing and promoting once their book has been released. While this is a great thing and helps you concentrate on writing that next book, it’s important that readers see your face. They aren’t buying your PA’s books, so you should host a get to know the author on your Facebook profile page or in your fan/ARC group. Let your readers know about you as an author and get to know them as well. Readers want to get to know their favourite authors and the best way to do that is by helping them get to know you and keeping them updated on your life and any books you have coming out.

First Chapter Freebies
Often putting the first chapter of your book up for free will draw readers in and make them purchase the book to see what happens. After all, who wants to read the first chapter of a book that is super interesting and then not read the rest? That is why it is so important to grab your readers attention with that first chapter.

Take Advantage Of Social Media
From Facebook to Instagram and from Twitter to a Pinterest board, everyone is on social media these days. The best way to get the word out there about your newly self-published book is to advertise on these social media sites. Scheduling takeovers on Facebook are one example of a way to promote on social media.

These are just a few of the top ways to advertise and promote your newly self-published book. From taking advantage of social media to ensuring that you let your readers get to know you as a person as well as an author, these tips will help you succeed at what you love, writing and publishing books for readers to enjoy.